5 self-care swaps your ‘me night’ is begging for.

Self-care is always in season – and these products make for restorative gifts for the holidays – or any time of year.

Ah, self-care — something we all could use a little more of. In the go-go-go world of everyday life between work, family, activities, and errands, making time for ourselves can be, well, challenging. And what’s more, as conscious shoppers, identifying brands that give back and align with our values can feel even more challenging, leaving us lost at sea when really we’re just trying to get lost in our bathtub. 

As always, Consciously is here to help. We rounded up ever-popular self-care products and an additional recommendation for your “me night” regimen to help you branch out and support more businesses fighting for the causes you care about. While you’re showing yourself some love, feel a little more of it knowing your self-care products are serving more than just yourself. From Black owned and cruelty-free to women-owned and Made in USA businesses, the power of the dollar gives back here via spa-worthy products.

1. Body Scrub


Dr. Teals Pink Himalayan


Fan Favorite: Dr. Teals Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub 

Besides its intoxicating scent and gentle sea salt exfoliator, people love this body scrub due to its post-scrub glowy skin effects. Not to mention, Dr. Teals is a vegan and cruelty-free brand, which makes our furry friends happy. 

Try this alternative if you’re looking to go the extra mile and support not one but two causes.


Try This: 16J Organics Honey Anise Ginger Body Scrub

16J Organics is a Black-owned company that is committed to chemical-free products, so they only serve up all-natural ingredients in their self-care concoctions. This body scrub, in particular, contains Epsom salt magnesium sulfate, olive oil, coconut oil, Himalayan raw acacia honey, and ginger root.

2. Body Butter


Fan Favorite: Shea Moisture Ultra-Healing All-Over Hydration 100% Shea Butter

This Black-owned brand is one of the elites in the self-care space. Known for its all-natural ingredients and super hydrating effects (for both body and hair), reviewers rave this is one of their favorite skin smoothies. 

If you’re looking to branch out with your body butter, try this citrusy alternative. 


Try This: Shea Radiance Raw Shea Butter

This all-natural, all-in-one moisturizer is usable for skin, hair, and cuticles, and the 100% shea butter also energizes sleepy minds with its clove and citrus scent. What’s more, this self-care product serves a lot more than yourself. Shea Radiance is a Black-owned business, which supports women on a global scale by working with female farmers in Africa. According to their site, 16 million African women make a living picking Shea nuts and processing Shea butter.

3. Face Mask



Fan Favorite: Aztec Secret Healing Clay 

If you haven’t heard of this drugstore gem, then you’ll be happy to know this clay mask does wonders for the skin. Made with 100% Calcium Bentonite Clay, this face mask cleans out gunk from deep within your pores and works to even your skin tone – eliminating the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. 

If clay isn’t your way, try this creamy face mask alternative.


Try This: Merle Norman Miracol Creamy Formula Revitalizing Mask

Reviewers swear this face mask does what it claims: it eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and softens the skin. Feeling like luxury on your face, this gentle exfoliator is Made in the USA and only requires ten minutes to work its magic.

4.  Bath Bomb



Fan Favorite: LuxSpa Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bombs away! This six-piece bath bomb set is a go-to for many when it comes time to soak. With over 5,000 reviews on Amazon, you can bet the all-natural, cruelty-free brand delivers when it comes to luxurious relaxation. 

If these aren’t bursting your bath bubbles, try this alternative. 


Try This: Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs Healing Collection

Cruelty-free? Check. USDA organic ingredients? Check. Vegan and reef-friendly? Check check. This bath bomb collection checks all the boxes for causes, including Made in the USA. According to their site, Beauty by Earth creates all of its formulas on U.S. soil and contains all plant-based ingredients.

5. Slippers



Fan Favorite: Minnetonka Women’s Alpine Sheepskin Slippers

Four generations later, this family-owned shoe company is still known for its ultra-comfortable (and fluffy) moccasin slippers. The fur-lined slippers are made with alpine sheepskin, and crafted with “a soft suede upper, a lightweight sole, foam midsole, and rubber outsole for comfort, support, and traction.”

If you’re looking for a more breathable slipper, try this alternative.  


Try This: Twelve AM Co. Womens So Good Fluffy Slippers

Comfy, fluffy, and cute – these slippers are a lounging staple. The Black-owned brand offers three earth-colored options (so as to hide any dirt or dust over time), and their rubber soles make them usable inside or outside. Plus, these floofy slippers even made Oprah’s list!

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