6 Camping essentials made in the USA.

Camping this Fourth of July? Celebrate your patriotic pride with these outdoor essentials.

It’s summer – and you know what that means…it’s camping season. And what’s a better way to celebrate the good ‘ol USA than with camping gear that’s made right here.

Whether you’re trekking to a national park, a family cabin up north, or your favorite nearby campsite, you can celebrate the great American outdoors by getting camping gear from Made in USA businesses with your camping gear! Pack these Made in USA essentials and relax beside the fire (or in a hammock), knowing you’re celebrating the businesses that help make America the great country we love.



Calling all grill masters! Don’t sell yourself short while camping just because you don’t have your Traeger or Big Green Egg. The Weber Portable Electric Grill is your perfect lightweight, Made in USA, travel companion and comes with a collapsible cart and grill cover to protect from the rain that always feels inevitable at least once on your trip. Or is that just me?



Skip the part where you kick yourself for forgetting to pack a practical tool you’ll need on your camping trip. Need a bottle opener to crack open your favorite brew? You’re covered. Need to repair something on your tent? You’re now equipped with a wire cutter, screwdriver, and pliers. Dealing with pesky packaging on your food or other freshly bought camping supplies? There’s a knife built in for that too.



If you’re an avid hiker, then you know a quality pair of socks can go a long way when protecting your feet from blisters and providing general comfort for longer treks. Smartwool socks are 100% wool ensuring your feet stay cushioned (and warm when temperatures drop at night) and are 100% Made in USA.



Ever slept with nothing but a sleeping bag between you and the forest floor? If you have, (I respect you), then you know it can be pretty uncomfortable. Don’t sacrifice a good night of sleep under the stars. This inflatable, Made in USA sleeping pad is 1.5 inches thick and features expanding foam for extra gushy comfort. It can be used for three-season camping, is lightweight for ambitious expeditions, and includes a stuff sack for easy transport.



It pretty much goes without saying that a cooler is absolutely necessary on any camping trip. Whether you’re packing eggs, meats, drinks, cheeses, or just about anything from your fridge at home, it’ll feel like you never left your kitchen’s modern conveniences. The Made in USA insulated cooler weighs about 11 pounds (before ice) and has rubberized latches that lock in the cold and keep critters out. Though if you’re in bear country, you should probably still keep it in a vehicle or tree. Better safe than sorry.


Hammocks are luxuries your outdoor lounge time should not go without. Read a book, take a nap, or just lay back perched between two trees with the Hummingbird’s ultralight hammock. It’s made with thin but strong nylon and comes with a 1500 lb Spectra cord that can hold up to 350 pounds of weight. The best part? When it’s all packed up, it fits in the palm of your hand, giving you all the more reason (and room) to add it to your packing essentials.

Looking for even more ways to celebrate the red, white and blue? Shop more Made in USA brands here!

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