Carbon emissions are rising, here’s how you can rise to the occasion.

The United States is currently the second largest contributor of carbon emissions in the world, outputting a whopping 5,981 metric tons in 2019. To put it into perspective for the not-so-math-savvy, that’s over 13 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. While carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential to all life on earth, excessive amounts can disrupt the earth’s natural temperature regulations and cause global warming. And with melting glaciers, rising ocean temperatures, and humidity increases (amongst a long list of other signs), it’s clear to anyone who’s paying attention that that’s the road we’re currently headed down. 

Human activity is by far the most responsible for these dangerous emissions, with transportation (27%), electricity (25%), and industry emissions (24%) being the highest contributors of these greenhouse gasses (United States Environmental Protection Agency). If we don’t begin to make changes now and carbon emissions continue to shift the planet’s temperature, we could be looking at some serious consequences, including:

  • shifts in ecosystems, forcing certain species to relocate or die 
  • acidic oceans and rising sea levels 
  • an influx of extreme weather and natural disasters 
  • changes in precipitation — which could lead to food scarcity and negatively affect our air quality

So, let’s not beat around the bush. This is scary stuff, and we’re headed straight into the eye of the storm. Luckily, there are activists, organizations, and businesses banning together to combat climate change. Climate Neutral is one such organization spearheading the movement towards a healthier, happier planet. The nonprofit organization measures the impact businesses have with their carbon emissions and enables brands by creating access to tools and networks that support them during their decarbonization journey. What does that mean for you, the consumer? It means they’re empowering you to make a difference with Consciously’s favorite power move — the good ‘ol American dollar. 

When you buy something, be it food, clothes, shoes, or cars — are you paying for it or is the environment? Consumers can push billions of dollars into projects that eliminate carbon from the atmosphere by supporting businesses actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. Via a streamlined three-step method, Climate Neutral sets environmental benchmarks for businesses of all sizes and certifies companies that are taking immediate climate action to reduce their emissions. Once they are certified, they are provided a “Climate Neutral” label, so conscious consumers like yourself can shop for their eco-friendly brands. Here are six fashion and health and beauty brands from that list we’re shopping for right now. 



It’s officially the summer season, which means looking for any and all excuses to get outside. If you love brands like Northface and Patagonia, consider trying Cotopaxi. 

Cotopaxi earned its Climate Neutral certification by avoiding deforestation and investing in projects that:

  • restore degraded or deforested ecosystems 
  • support improved forest management
  • support solar and wind energy
  • support bioenergy to reduce dependency on fossil fuels

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Warm weather means it’s time to break out the swimsuits. Skip the fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and Shein, and invest in a suit that supports the environment and wear longevity (how many times have your cheapies frayed in the wash?). Mara Hoffman is one such fashion line that does just that by sourcing recycled materials and increasing offerings of their climate beneficial programs. Mara Hoffman has also offset carbon emissions by 4,158 tonnes, which is close to the equivalent of removing over 920 passenger vehicles from the road. 

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Shoe (and fast fashion) companies undoubtedly have the worst reputations for child labor. If you love your Carhartt work boots from tromping around the garden or yard in the summer, consider Wills Vegan Store instead. The brand uses only vegan leather and earned its Climate Neutral certification for its forestation and renewable energy efforts. 1

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If you love hair products from brands like Aveda and Briogeo, consider this carbon emission fighting brand. Amika has not only offset their carbon emissions by 5,113 tonnes (close to removing 1,150 cars from the road), but they’re also a small business and cruelty-free, so your cause-supporting efforts are tripled. 

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Spending more time in the sun means giving your skin a little extra TLC. If you love skincare brands like Bioessence or SkinCeuticals, give your skin regimen a glow up (pun intended) with eco-friendly brand, Glow Recipe. They don’t skimp on their carbon-reducing efforts and have offset their carbon emissions by a whopping 21,666 tonnes (close to removing 5,060 cars from the road). Their Climate Neutral certification credits come from investing in projects that:

  • avoid deforestation
  • use solar & wind energy
  • assist in reforestation
  • improve forest management
  • Support bioenergy generation

Plus, they’re a small business, cruelty-free, and women-owned, so they’re all around slaying conscious consumerism. 

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Soak your skin in natural ingredients for extra nourishment this summer. If your go-to skin care brands are Estee Lauder or Tata Harper, you’ll want to try Kora Organics. The cruelty-free brand was certified by Climate Neutral this year, and they’ve invested in projects that: 

  • avoid deforestation
  • use solar & wind energy
  • assist in reforestation
  • improve forest management
  • Support bioenergy generation

All of their ingredients are certified organic and are infused with skin-nourishing noni and love-emitting rose quartz. 

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