RUSH TV gives women access to sales and capital.

RUSH TV is seeking to disrupt traditional venture funding to provide gender equality.

Michelle Crames and Mascha Moore met on Valentine’s Day 2018. Ms. Moore was new to Los Angeles after having founded a successful creative agency in New York City and Ms. Crames had sold her retail software company several years earlier. The two championed each other’s products to investors and partners at Google’s Los Angeles headquarters—Moore’s a networking app and Crames’ a creative collaboration platform. “It was far easier pitching for each other,” recalled Crames. “I’m a world-class networker and Mascha’s a creative genius.” From the experience of two women pitching together, a new venture was born.

In the fall of 2020, they launched RUSH TV, which seeks to disrupt traditional venture funding to provide gender equality. “Women account for over 85% of all consumer purchases while we are given only 2.3% of all venture capital. RUSH TV connects women founders, brands, buyers, and investors in a way that has never existed before,” said Crames.

The RUSH TV community hosts membership events and produces content to showcase the work, leadership, and vision of women entrepreneurs. “We are the consumers. It’s time we get to buy our own brands and services,” added Crames.

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