Black, female business owner adjust "open" sign in the window of her shop.

It’s summer! Let’s support Black-owned businesses!

Let's help Black owned businesses bounce back after the pandemic.

This summer is a critical time for the economy – across our country, in cities and states and, especially for small businesses. As we emerge from the pandemic, many businesses that were able to stay open are still trying to catch up. Many Black-owned businesses face even bigger challenges.

There is no question that people are emerging from cold weather and COVID quarantine and starting to spend more. This gives us a great opportunity to support Black-owned businesses in our own communities and across the country.

Some cities like Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia have lists for local Black-owned businesses. Websites like Etsy highlight Black-owned shops. After George Floyd’s murder last year, there was also a heightened awareness of the inequities faced by Black-owned businesses and some businesses have seen increased traffic.

From CNBC:

Aurora James challenged companies in an Instagram post. A year later, 25 companies — including prominent retailers like Macy’s, Sephora and Gap [have made the] 15 Percent Pledge.

Consider how much of your money is spent consciously this summer (and beyond) and let us help. We make business policies, practices and positions easily accessible so you can feel good about your purchasing decisions. No matter how much you spend, your money has power. Consciously helps you choose stores and products that align with your values and ensures that your money is spent to support the change you want to see in our communities and our world.