These 2022 must-haves help you stick to your goals.

Stick to your resolutions with the support of products aligned with your favorite causes.

Ahhh. Hear that? That’s the sound of the hectic holiday season behind us. Though the festive spirit is always a joy, there’s nothing quite like the quiet excitement of a fresh start with the new year. Now that we’re well into January, we’ve also abandoned the self-induced pressures of New Year’s resolutions. Or, have we? 

Maybe you’ve ditched resolutions altogether — perhaps not. Either way, we’ve all had time to sit and think about what we really want to accomplish in 2022. Now, we can be more intentional in our steps to achieving those goals – no matter how big or small. Whether your resolution is to keep up with the masters on Chef’s Table, hit lifelong fitness goals, or Marie Kondo your home, these goodies get you excited about tackling those aspirations, all while giving back to Black-owned, small, and women-owned businesses. 

If you want to master the kitchen:


Ayesha Curry Home Collection Nonstick Cookware Pots and Pans

This nine-piece cookware equips you like the pros – helping you on your way to achieving master chef status. Fear not of food sticking to the pan and charring, the non-stick pot and pans collection are crafted with durable aluminum for even heat distribution. Oh, and did we mention the best part of all? The maker of these beauties is a Black and women-owned business.     

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet

Besides grandma’s secret ingredient, a perfect cookie is dependent on a quality baking sheet. So if your goal is to master the perfect chocolate chip cookie this year, consider Nordic Ware’s baking sheet. With over 41K reviews on Amazon and 4.8/5 stars, the small, Made in USA business is worth supporting. They support your enthusiasm for baking, after all. 

If you want to improve your health:



Clever Fox Food Journal 

It’s normal for us all to go a little crazy with our eating from time to time, but if you want help reining it in, The Clever Fox Food Journal might not be a bad option. The journal tracks your nutrition habits and helps you set daily goals to walk a healthier dietary path. Cheers to fueling your body right.



POWERHANDZ PowerPack 4-Piece Fitness Bundle

Get bang for your buck, support a Black-owned business, and reach your fitness goals with this fitness bundle. The fitness pack includes weighted training gloves (for men and women), five resistance bands, sliding disks (for ab exercises), and a wristband. Implement it in those at-home workouts you’re slaying, or bring it with you to the gym. 

If  you want to get organized:



Sterilite Storage Container

Have you told yourself you’ll reorganize the garage someday? And the spare bedroom closet? Yeah, that’s been on the list for a while now too. Make this the year you zen your home in all areas. You can start by getting organized with these Made in USA storage containers – which come in a wide range of sizes and quantities. 



EcoSmartLabels Condiment Kit

Have you ever noticed how we all magically end up with multiple bottles of the same condiments in our fridge? Which is all fine and dandy until it clutters our only means of cold food storage and takes up valuable space. A simple solution? Place your ketchup and mayo into their own storage containers and label them with these cute condiment labels. Plus, they’re fabulous for BBQs and parties.

Ready to start achieving your goals with the help of conscious products? Get Consciously today!