What’s the biggest myth about cruelty-free?

If the ingredients of a product are tested on animals, does that mean your product is tested on animals?

Neither the United States nor Canada have laws around the use of the term “cruelty-free.” Claims are often (as my mom would say) too cute by half. Essentially, the final product is not being tested on animals, so they aren’t technically lying; however, the ingredients may have been tested on animals. Well, isn’t that the same thing? This trickery of semantics is what grinds our gears.

At Consciously, we only source products who adhere to the strict “cruelty-free” standards of reputable organizations who have been championing this cause for years. The Beagle Freedom Project has been a stalwart fighter for animal well-being and their app, Cruelty Cutter, helps you ensure the safety of animals while shopping in stores.