Consciously is a browser extension that automatically shares data on company policies, practices and ethics while you shop online. We currently operate on Chrome, Edge, Firefox & Safari and work while shopping on Amazon. 
When you view a product on Amazon, Amazon Smiles, or Whole Foods, Consciously scans the page and compares it to information that we have in our database on over 9,000 brands. If we have information on the brand you are viewing, Consciously will pop-up and share that information. We’ll also provide product recommendations for brands that rate better on some of the causes you care about. We are continually adding more brands to our database and will be expanding to other shopping sites very soon!
In the header on this page click ‘Get Consciously’ to be taken to your browser store. Then click ‘Add to Browser’ and Consciously will begin sharing information while you shop.

At Consciously, we believe that information empowers and so we share many different types of business information. You can change the causes you care about at any time by clicking ‘Change Causes’ in the Consciously browser extension. Our product is intended to provide you with brand information and product recommendations that are tailored to your values.

Please visit our About Us to learn more about our team. We are a public benefits corporation. We partner with nonprofits to provide trustworthy corporation information to conscious shoppers. We are not affiliated with Amazon or any other for-profit organization.

Currently, Consciously works on Amazon, but we plan to launch on many more sites soon. 

Consciously currently works on laptops and desktops. We will launch a mobile version in the future.

We partner with trusted non-profits like ASPCA Shop With Your Heart program, Climate Neutral  and Beagle Freedom in addition to using media and other trusted sources. Click the ‘i’ in the pop-up next to any rating to find out the sources for each product you are viewing. You can also learn more about our causes and sources by visiting our website www.consciously.us.

Please email us at info@consciously.us so we can help you get verified. You can also certify your brand with our non-profit partners:

For plant based and animal welfare certification: ASPCA Shop With Your Heart
For carbon neutrality certification: Climate Neutral
For cruelty-free certification: Beagle Freedom

No, we do not sell personally identifiable data. We track data in order to identify products you are viewing, share product recommendations and let companies know that customers are willing to switch products to encourage them to change their business practices. You can learn more on www.consciously.us/privacy-policy.

This is a notification from your browser that we cannot edit. For Consciously to work, we must read your website data, meaning read your Amazon product page so we can identify the name of the product you are viewing in order to share information about that product. Changing the data on your website means that a pop-up appears in the corner of your screen, which is where the company data is shared. We wish we could make this notification less confusing! 

Sometimes other extensions or browser settings can interfere with Consciously. Please email us at info@consciously.us and tell us about the issue,  so that we can fix this issue for all users. 

Consciously works on the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge.

First, try closing and relaunching your web browser. This can hard reset your browser and in many cases automatically updates your browser to it’s latest version. You can also double check your browser is up-to-date by navigating to your browser preferences. 

If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser data. This can be found in the preferences section as well. You’ll want to make sure you’ve cleared your cache.

If these steps haven’t resolved your issue, please email us at info@consciously.us and we’d be more than happy to help you troubleshoot.

Looking for something else? Email us at .

Image of Consciously Browser Extension showing a laundry product with negative made in USA and Tests on Animal ratings and showing alternative products with positive ratings.

Consciously makes conscious shopping easy.

With one click, our free browser tool will instantly tell you if a company is helping or hurting the causes you care about while you shop.