Make a difference while you shop.

Our shopping assistant will instantly tell you how a brand rates on the causes you care about.

Consciously makes conscious shopping easy.

Get instant business ethics alerts.

Consciously appears as a small pop-up in the corner of your browser window and tells how ethical a brand is when you shop on Amazon. We've shared ratings with consumers over 500,000 times and counting.

Personalized to you.

Pick only the causes you care about to get personalized ratings and recommendations. With the help of our trusted non-profit partners, we've collected information on over 1 million products and we're adding more everyday.

Precise product recommendations.

Our product recommendations are similar in price to the product you are viewing, but from companies you'd be proud to support. The majority of our users say they've purchased a product Consciously has recommended.

Our users love us!

Lauren H.

“For once, an inoffensive pop up that isn’t in your face and offers valuable info right when you need it. I was so surprised to learn that a dishwashing detergent I was about to purchase tests on animals. So easy to switch to a brand that doesn’t. Thank you and keep expanding!!”

Firefox User

“Pretty easy to use. Shop on Amazon, and it pops up a little thing to show if the company you’re looking at tests on animals.”

Timothy W.

“Glad to see this app working on the good side of the world. Companies better adjust your business models going forward or get forced out by those who care.”

Cameron G.

“This is a game-changer for anyone who wants to make informed shopping decisions and support purpose-driven companies. Super easy to use and shows me products that are doing better based on the causes I care about. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a positive impact with their purchasing power.”

Tyler S.

“Easy to use and great way to navigate responsible purchasing that does not require a ton of arduous research. I find that it is most helpful on Amazon!”

Edge User

“Awesome!! There is nothing like this out there. It let’s me shop for products that have been verified to be carbon neutral, making it easy for me to make choices and support companies that are committed to sustainability. It’s user-friendly and the product recommendations make it easy to shop for everything that I need.”